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TARUGA ,  January 31, 2021. (SOLD)

On a cold night in the middle of the winter of 2021, Taruga, a buckskin colored filly by Nacarada, was born. Taruga is named after her famous PRE grandfather Arma Tarugo.

Because the black dam was crossed with a Perlino sire, her sire's foal inherited the Cr (cream) dilution gene, making her falcon colored. These are very light at birth, Taruga will darken over time. We couldn't have wished for anything better!

The day after birth she had to endure a week of winter with 10 degrees of frost, but she bravely beat herself through these un-Spanish conditions. She grows well, moves beautifully and is very manageable. She is sold to a loving, knowledgeable new home.

terug half jaar oud

Taruga halve year old


Gem's Clooney (2015)

Gem's Clooney is a foal out of the KWPN mare Bombarie (Indorado x Heartbreaker X Pilot) and the stallion Gemini, clone of the world famous Gem Twist.

Her 'genetic father' Gem Twist (1979) was still an old-fashioned 100% thoroughbred with fantastic jumping skills. He won a silver medal for America at the Seoul Olympics, was a multiple winner of the Pan American Games and was named Horse of the Year three times.  


In 2008 Cryozootech created his clone 'Gemini', Gemini is available in Europe.  


Gem's Clooney is registered at Zangersheide. She was inspected at registration and invited to the foal auction where she was sold for a considerable amount to Jos Verlooy and Stephan Conter. She is now 5 years old and pregnant with Emerald. After the foal, she will start her sporting career.

Gem Stone (2017)

Gem Stone is also a foal out of the KWPN mare Bombarie (Indorado x Heartbreaker X Pilot) and the stallion Gemini, clone of Gem Twist.


Gem Stone is also registered with the Zangersheide studbook and she was sold as a foal to the international eventing rider Merel Blom, with an eventing career in prospect. She is now 3 years old. Merel has broken her saddle and had it covered by Diarado. After that foal, she will start her sporting career. During her crazy foal antics she seemed to have the proverbial '5th leg', oh so important for a good eventing horse...  

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