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Donatelo, PRE gelding 2013

Donatelo is an 8 year old PRE gelding, son of the famous Paco Marti cremello stallion DIVO. He is very flexible and elastic and therefor needed some extra time to 'grow up'. He has only been under the saddle since he was 5 and has developed tremendously since. He really tries his hart out on anything you ask of him and now that he is getting stronger, he collects fantastically, his 2nd trot is amazing. We mostly train him in the woods, a daily source go joy! He is a tremendous eye catcher. You actually can't get through the forest without compliments from hikers....or even people taking pictures with him.....

He is now training at Z level.

Rafa, Lusitano stallion, 2010 (sold 2020)

Rafa was the first Lusitano stallion to come to De Hoge Ginkel 6 years ago. We had a lot of fun with him. He was stunning, witty, super sweet, loved to learn, competed at Z2 dressage, jumped B and L courses and liked to cross. He could not be admitted to the Lusitano studbook as a breeding stallion because of a slight tilt neck and could therefore not play a role in our stud. We sold him to a wonderful lady whose hart he quickly stole again. He will certainly help her go through all the classes of dressage. 

The stable is still full of pictures of him, he is picture perfect!

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