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Nacarada gave birth to a beautiful filly by Sandro Hit

' Sandro's Spin-off '

Viena de Susaeta, gave birth to a filly by warmblood stallion Secret 

'Spanish secret'

Suus de Susaeta, gave birth to a beautiful colt by Secret

Himalai, a new broodmare


Himalia is a Lusitano mare, with a very strong pedigree. She has a homozygous cream gene, which means that she will dilute all colors that a stallion brings. A black stallion will give a buckskin colored or smokey black foal, a chestnut a palomino.

In 2022 she gave birth to a 100% Lusitano foal from also a cremello father, which produced a fairytale couple of cream / champagne-like mother with foal Salsa.

Salsa has now returned to her breeder, we were able to buy Himalaia and she will be our 'magic ball' in our cross breeding program.

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